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Traditional Call Center (Virtual BDC: inbound/outbound calls, appointment setting)

This call center runs the gamut of campaigns. They have both standard and custom campaigns each month. They have some monthly recurring business, but also have some customers who they only run one campaign for. These campaigns may last for a weekend or up to a month.

"Our old system didn’t have the capabilities that Volie did. We constantly had to go outside the system to manage the business."

Using Volie, their monthly recurring campaigns are generated automatically. Budgets set on the campaign automatically rotate between queues and turn off the outbound dialing when the campaign budget is met. Because of the way that Volie stores data on the individual records and on each campaign, the call center is able to whip up new campaigns for their customers in minutes. They have the ability to adjust scripts on the fly and send alerts automatically to their customers based on the outcome of a communication.

  • Copy Campaign feature
  • Concept of Organizations

Marketing Company

This marketing agency utilizes Volie’s API to send data directly from the dealer’s database. Their automated campaigns sort through the data to pull customers into email, SMS, mail and phone marketing campaigns. Without lifting a finger, communications go out on an automated schedule and results are passed seamlessly back to their platform via Volie’s custom webhook engine and API.

  • API
  • Default Campaigns
  • Webhooks

E-Publication Company

Before Volie, this publication company was spending hours and days trying to manually manage their communications across organizations nationwide. They were frustrated with the time it was taking to accomplish what was necessary to transform their business. Switching to Volie, the tasks that they were struggling with manually, are now automated. They’ve been able to add to their existing campaigns and offer services that simply would not have been possible before. 

 "We were struggling to change our business and didn’t know what we were doing. Now, I don't see how anybody will ever cancel on us."

In addition to automating their scheduled sends, Volie has given them the ability to respond quickly when a new request comes in. What would have previously taken 30+ hours, can now be done in a matter of minutes. 

Using APIs, users who subscribe through their website, are now automatically added to Volie where they can send automated monthly email campaigns to targeted sectors of the subscribed audience. In-house ping validation and email append help them to maintain their domain health and sending reputation so that they can continue to communicate with their millions of subscribers with confidence and high deliverability.

  • Data Health Management features (Ping Validation, Appends)
  • best of both worlds- load millions of records & have record history without paying an arm and a leg.

Call Center with Proprietary Marketing Platform

This call center is fully integrated with Volie, via the API. They have over 500 monthly recurring campaigns which can be turned on and off within minutes. Campaign enrollment is managed automatically and data is passed in real time back and forth between Volie and their proprietary platform for billing and reporting purposes.

"My favorite aspect is the elimination of human errors in setup. Push the button and you’re done."


Using Volie, this call center was able to reduce labor costs drastically. On their previous system, the center had a dedicated employee to manage and babysit campaigns, but now that person has moved into sales and is their number one salesperson! 

In addition to savings, one of the biggest improvements that this call center has seen with their switch to Volie has been reduction in human error. With campaign automation, there is less hands-on time and therefore, less opportunity for mistakes.

  • API

Automotive Marketing Ad Agency

This marketing agency sends communications to customers via phone, email, SMS and mail piece. Their campaigns are deployed automatically from automated daily data feeds, hooked up directly to their customers’ databases.

Utilizing automation and the complete customer history, this marketing agency is able to run true, lifecycle campaigns; following up with customers throughout their relationship with the automotive dealership. As campaigns run, results are posted in real-time to power their reporting platform.

  • Customizable exports & alerts

Vehicle Service Contract Sales

This center was previously using multiple systems, trying to piece-meal their campaigns, but was frustrated trying to get the systems to work in unison. There was a constant need for manual intervention because the systems didn’t feed information back to each other. Managers had to watch over campaigns and manually filter to make sure that they weren’t over or under contacting their leads.

"We have saved a tremendous amount of time through automation. ...eliminated a ton of manual labor on setting up campaigns and importing/exporting data. It's a quality of life thing as well as a value of time thing."


With Volie, their leads come in automatically, in real-time and are managed from start to finish (prospecting to verification to customer service) all in one platform. High-touch, immediate outreach campaigns allow the salespeople to squeeze every bit of juice out of their leads, while automated cadences ensure that a lead is not being overworked. 

Managers are able to set up their business rules and let Volie do the sorting and filtering that they were previously doing manually. Now, they have time to review automated weekly performance reports and spend time guiding and training their salespeople. Lead performance reports also help them to decide which lead sources are performing and which should be discontinued.

  • API and Automated Campaigns

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