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What is an Auto Dialer and is it Right for My Business?

An auto dialer is an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers. It makes it easier for an organization, business, or call center to rotate quickly through a bulk list of phone numbers. Auto dialers need to be able to distinguish between live human pick-ups versus answering machines. Therefore, they are quite intelligent systems because they must analyze incoming audio information in order to determine whether a person is on the other end or if it’s just their answering machine. 

Business team working together at a call centre wearing headsets-1In order to use an auto dialer efficiently, an agent would need to upload a list of phone numbers for leads or prospects prior to starting a campaign. After the phone numbers have been loaded, the auto dialer would then begin calling the phone numbers in sequence. An auto dialer is best suited for a small support team or remote work. Auto dialers help manage the workload of call center agents because they distribute the number of connected phone calls among available agents. Allowing agents to take their time on each call and not worry about having someone on hold. They are also beneficial when looking to integrate with a CRM. It allows the agents to store customer information for future use and makes it easier to initiate a campaign.  

There are several types of auto dialer phone calls that I’m sure all of us have received. The first type is the pre-recorded message or robocall. These phone calls often have a message pre-recorded to start playing once you’ve answered the phone call. Then there is an interactive pre-recorded message that has you press a number for one side or another number for another side, usually these are political-based phone calls, calling for your opinion about something. Lastly, there are phone calls that are connected to a live agent. 

Compliance is extremely important when it comes to using auto dialing systems. There are compliance laws that, if ignored, can result in fines up to $1,500 per incident. It is always a good idea to consult a TCPA Compliance lawyer and brush up on your state’s or country’s regulations regarding auto dialers.


Learn more about call center compliance by visiting here. 

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