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What an Omnichannel Contact Center Can Do That Your Call Center Can't

95% of consumers believe that the quality of customer service is vital to their choices in being loyal to a brand. If you aren't serving this need, then that means you're missing out on a lot of business.

A great way you can improve in this area is through an omnichannel contact center.

What is an omnichannel contact center? It's a solution that acts as a center for all customer contact!

Here are all the things an omnichannel contact center can do that your call center can't.


It Allows You to See All Contact Made

In a traditional call center, your agents will only be able to see when the customer has called before and what issues (and solutions) came of those calls. But that only gives your agents a limited scope of things.

An omnichannel contact center unifies all data so not only can they access information from prior calls, but all other contact attempts as well. This means they'll be able to see if a customer emailed, texted, or DMed your company through social media.

As a result, your agents will get a much clearer picture of everything and can address client needs much more efficiently.


Customers Can Use Their Preferred Channels

Omnichannel contact centers put control into your customers' hands. Instead of having to sift through a bunch of information to find out how they can contact you, they can just use the method they prefer.

By letting customers drive their own customer journeys, this improves their satisfaction. And omnichannel contact centers make it very easy to pick up on customer contact, no matter which channel they use.


It Can Match Data With Customers Accurately

Chances are, your call center only matches data with customers through one touchpoint: the phone. But with so many other channels available (such as social media and email), all this data can easily get jumbled and lost.

One of the best parts of omnichannel contact center services is the ability to match customers with their data, even when they've gone across both channels and campaigns. This allows you to target them in a more efficient manner.


It Can Schedule and Automate Proper Actions

You want the customers to be in the driver's seat for their own journeys, but you want to also be there to give them a small nudge.

With an omnichannel contact center, you can schedule which customer actions trigger your brand's actions so the customer journey keeps moving along with as little pauses as possible. What's great is you only need to schedule these actions once!


Look Into Getting an Omnichannel Contact Center

When compared to a regular call center, an omnichannel contact center can do so much more.

So say goodbye to disjointed and inefficient solutions. Instead, say hello to all the omnichannel benefits that come with this newer and better solution. Both your agents and your customers will thank you for doing so.

Want to see what an omnichannel contact center can do? Then schedule a discovery call now!


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