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Three Tactics for Call Center Agents to Maximize Every Communication

You're getting negative feedback about the customer service team, but you can't figure out how to improve the situation! The agents have scripts and canned responses, but something is getting lost in translation between them and the customers.

Studies show that about 55% of communication comes from body language. So, one needs to put effort into getting the most information across using only verbal communication skills.

But how can you improve verbal communication skills? What can you do to make the most out of each phone call?

Keep reading to learn our top 3 tactics for call center agents to maximize every communication!


1. Get to Know the Customer

The best way to make any customer feel valued is if you take the time to consider who they are and their unique situation. Even if there's an issue affecting every single customer, no one likes to feel like they're only a number to a company they do business with.

Try to gather some basic data about your clients and make that available to agents to reference when the customer calls in. Be sure to keep all the customer data secure because customer data mismanagement is one of the costliest mistakes you could make!


2. Study up on Products and Services

Another aspect to work on is product knowledge. The more the agents know about the products and/or services that your company offers, the better! Not only does this make the customer confident that the agent can resolve their issue, but it also cuts down on hold times.

If you need to put a customer on hold to look up an answer, ask them for permission to do so and thank them for holding when you return. Also, business call experts say to avoid putting a customer on hold more than once or letting them stay on hold for longer than 2 minutes.


3. Take the Bull by the Horns

A great way to improve call flow is to take control of the call as soon as you say hello and know how to guide the customer so you're addressing their issues without getting off on a tangent or letting the customer rant for an hour.

Try to ask closed-ended questions and make sure you sound confident in your ability to solve their issue. Keep in mind that you don't want to talk over the customer, so if the customer starts to take over, wait for them to pause and take back control by repeating the issues the patient was talking about and then what you can do to fix it.


A Good Relationship Begins With Good Communication From the Call Center

It's way better to put effort into keeping customers instead of getting new ones and the best way to keep customers is building a solid customer/company relationship. The key to any good relationship is open and honest communication, so be sure your customers feel like they're valued.

Keep these three tips in mind every time you answer a call and your verbal communication skills are sure to improve in time! But, practice makes perfect, and learning any new skill takes time. Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate improvement.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you learned a few things about verbal communication skills for call center agents. If you need a better customer service platform, we have you covered there too! Contact us to schedule a discovery call today!

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