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The 2 Types of Marketing Campaigns and When to Use Them

In marketing, there are two main types of campaigns that you are able to run: Brand awareness and Acquisition-Focused. These two campaign types have a specific purpose. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each campaign and when you might employ them.


Brand Awareness Campaigns


What are they?

The main goal or outcome of these campaigns is to increase awareness of your brand. More recognition and website visibility are also primary focuses of this type of campaign. Some reasons why you might want to use these campaigns would be when you are wanting to promote a new product or service. As these campaigns cannot be directly tied to sales, it can be difficult to ascertain whether these affected business growth. Although, a secondary focus of these campaigns is to impact business growth, because the more people that are aware of your brand, the more chances there will be for one to buy from you. 


When would I use it?

If your business’ main goal is to gain awareness or reach then this is the type of campaign you would want to build. These campaigns allow you to gain a following on social media through post engagement and recognition. The whole idea behind building awareness is to obtain the hearts and minds of your potential customers. Cater to that idea by providing them with content that they will love. Build an automated campaign that sends out emails to your prospects once a week with content relevant to their pain point. Present a solution as to how they can solve it (ahem, you and your product or service). 


How would I manage it?

As mentioned in Campaign Management: What is it and Why is it Important?, it is detrimental to the success of your marketing campaign that you not only determine the goal or outcome of your campaign but how you will measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Who will be enrolled in your campaign and how often will you contact them? Two very important questions. Campaign budgets and marketing exclusions are great tools you can use to monitor your campaign efforts. They filter through the contacts that are enrolled in your cadence and make sure that you are not over contacting anyone. However, these tools would primarily be used in Acquisition-Focused campaigns, so you shouldn’t need to worry about either of those tools in this instance. 

Also, since this focuses primarily on reaching more people, consider using a social media dashboard that allows you to schedule and post content automatically. An example of this would be Twitter’s Tweetdeck or Hubspot’s integrated social media marketing tool that allows you to schedule automatic posts to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Acquisition-Focused Campaigns


What are they?

These campaigns often have a dollar sign attached to them. These are your sale driven campaigns. Acquisition-Focused campaigns are directly correlated to business growth. The goal of these campaigns is to create a specific call to action that causes the prospect to buy or at least make the initial step towards purchasing such as visiting a website or calling to “learn more”. These types of campaigns have a higher-click through rate which in combination with the structure of your website can lead to a higher percentage of conversions. 


When would I use it?

You would most likely use these campaigns when your business’ focus is to make sales. You have an amazing product or service and you want to share it with the world. You have clear actionable goals that you want to see through. Both of these situations mean that you are ready to build an acquisition-focused or sales campaign. 


How would I manage it?

Once you have identified your goals, you must figure out the metrics you will use to measure the outcome of these campaigns and whether your goals were met. Some common metrics that one might use for these campaigns could be: 

  • New account signups
  • New subscribers
  • Growth of customer base
  • Increase in revenue per customer

As mentioned previously, you could utilize the campaign budget and marketing exclusion tools to help you reach out to prospective customers. They help you automate your marketing campaigns, saving you time and money. They also ensure that you are not over contacting your prospects.

These are the two main types of marketing campaigns that are available to you. You ultimately have a say in what they will look like and how you will measure their effectiveness.


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