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How a Predictive Dialer Improves Call Center Efficiency

Predictive dialers can be essential to the success of a high-performing call center. If your goals are to reduce idle time and move through campaigns more quickly, the technology and automation behind predictive dialers make this easier than ever.

When used effectively, there are seemingly endless benefits of using predictive dialers. Here are a few of our favorites:


Less Idle Time for Agents

Because of the way a predictive dialer screens for those calls in which a real human being answers, your agents are only spending time on calls with real customers. The predictive dialer places outbound calls based on average call time; so ideally, by the time your agent hangs up with one customer, there's another live human waiting for the agent to jump in on that call. 


Agents Can’t Cherry-Pick Their Leads

Another benefit with a predictive dialer, is that the agent can’t cherry-pick their leads. When agents have the autonomy of hand-picking their calls, there's a chance that they could be avoiding certain customers because of personal bias or past experiences. This could be something like, “ I'm not calling Joe Schmo because he's always cranky and there's no way that we're going to make a sale with him.”

A predictive dialer doesn't allow for that – the dialer runs through your list without bias and serves up the calls to the agents automatically. This way, you can feel confident that every record on your list is being contacted fairly. 


An Increase in Call Volume

Simply put: the predictive dialer places more outbound calls than is possible with manual dialing. Since the dialer makes multiple outbound attempts per agent, your call volume is increased. 


100% of Calls are With a Human Being

Did you know that only 1 out of every 3 or 4 outbound calls that an agent makes is answered by a human being? So that would mean, approximately two-thirds of their calls are going to voicemail, or no answer, or a busy signal. Agents can't make a sale on a voicemail, right? 

However, with a predictive dialer, 100% of your agents’ calls are connected with a human being. This means that every call the agent makes, there is a chance for a positive outcome. So not only are you getting through more calls, but you may also see more leads generated.


Move Through Campaigns More Quickly 

With a predictive dialer, you can get through your lists quicker because you're doing multiple calls per agent at a time. As a call center, that allows you to take on more business each month and complete more campaigns each month because you're moving through them more quickly. 


When Not To Use a Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is good for certain types of calls but not great for other types of calls. They’re ideal for calls that are designed for following up with a customer or prospecting. However, they’re not necessarily ideal for really high-value sales calls where you need to do some research on your customer beforehand. When using a predictive dialer, the live calls are served up in real-time - this means agents don’t have time to review customer details before they have to jump on.

Also, because predictive dialers don’t allow agents to cherry-pick their leads, it doesn’t allow agents to prioritize calls. For example, “I only have time to make X number of calls today, so I should only make calls to customers who I have a good relationship with.” If it’s important to your campaign to prioritize your leads, then predictive dialers might not be the way to go. 

And finally, if you’re running any sort of campaign or list where you're not sure that it's been run through the DNC (Do Not Call) list, whether you have cell phone numbers, or if they've given consent to be dialed with a predictive dialer, you don’t want to run that campaign through a predictive dialer.


Learn more about call center compliance by visiting here. 

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