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Omnichannel Marketing in Your BDC

Technology is constantly evolving. Therefore our marketing practices and techniques must evolve with it. Enter omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel refers to the focus on customer relationships and cultivating those relationships through multiple channels. It gives you better insight into your customers and what type of communication will work best for them. Which means great things are in store for your BDC if you choose to implement an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Omnichannel Marketing: What is it?

In short, omnichannel marketing is the philosophy of having an all-knowing or omnipresent strategy in place that is not limited to the marketing department. Having all departments within a company embrace this philosophy ensures that the messaging is consistent and memorable across all channels. It provides a more seamless experience for customers, and isn’t that the main goal of marketing? These seamless experiences equate to higher customer retention in the long term. 

The consistency of the messaging is only one part of the reason why this marketing strategy works so well. The other part of why this strategy is so effective is that it is effortless. It aims to reach prospective customers by focusing solely on the channels that have been quantifiably proven to achieve results. These results have been analyzed through enhanced data collection and analysis methodologies which stem from using an omnichannel strategy. 

How can I use this in my BDC?

Omnichannel marketing can be utilized effectively within your BDC. It allows the customer to drive the communication channel while your platform guides the cadence. Instead of trying to contact customers via phone or email, consider SMS messaging and social media, or all of the above. Set priorities and budgets on your campaigns so that you are able to maximize your communication efforts through the most responsive channels. 


Omnichannel marketing means to customize the customer experience so that they are receiving the most benefit from working with your brand and at the same time exerting the least amount of energy to do so. 

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