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Do Dealerships Want Women Selling Cars?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Dealerships definitely want women selling cars. The reasoning behind this is actually quite simple. We are experiencing a cultural shift where women account for 54% of car purchases in the United States and influence 84% of all car purchase decisions according to Nolo. Even though women account for over half of the vehicle purchases in the United States, women dread the experience of buying. Their reasoning being that they are often patronized, ignored, or have a fear of being ripped off. 

How can you help women feel more comfortable buying cars from your dealership? Well, consider hiring women salespeople. According to AutoRaptor, prioritizing hiring female salespeople can increase profits. Not only that, but findings from a CNW Marketing Research indicate that 39% of women would rather deal with women when purchasing cars. Women like dealing with women when buying a car. They trust them and feel more understood than they might when dealing with a male salesperson. 

I mentioned that employing more women in your dealership could lead to an increase in profits. Well, it has been indicated that 74% of women believe that car dealerships do a poor job at marketing to women. By hiring more female salespeople, you will not only be reaching a whole sector of the market, but you will also increase the satisfaction and happiness of your customers. Which can lead to referrals and ultimately, profits. 

Women already encompass over half the total car purchases in this country. And this trend doesn’t appear to be changing in the interim. It is of the utmost importance that car marketers and dealerships alike focus their efforts on capturing this potential market. Hiring more females is just one step. Altering the marketing efforts towards women is another step in the right direction. 

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