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Call Center vs. Contact Center: Which One Works for You?

There are several things that you need to address before you decide which form of these centers will work best for you. It all comes down to your business and its scalability, goals and activity. Many use both names interchangeably. However, they are far from the same thing. Let’s take a look at what each is before diving into which one might be for you. 


What is a Call Center?

A call center is a place where agents take inbound calls and can place outbound calls. They have existed since the 1960s, maybe even sooner since the first automatic call distribution system (ACD) was invented. This system makes it so that inbound calls are distributed to agents based on availability. Suffice it to say, these types of call centers have been around for quite a while.


Many call centers aim to reduce cost by employing less agents. Thus, forcing agents to resolve calls faster and take more calls a day. This led to the introduction of the interactive voice response (IVR) system. Which made it more difficult for customers to talk to a live person. Resulting in both customer frustration and poor customer experience. 


What is a Contact Center?

Similar to a call center, a contact center takes inbound calls and places outbound calls, however it also serves customers over digital service channels such as cloud-based software. Many of these alternative channels include texting, webchat, email, etc. These channels are usually integrated together into one product or service. 


The change between these two didn’t happen overnight. It has something that has evolved over decades as people require less service over a phone and opt to receive the service, when it's needed, over a digital service. 


Which One is Right for You?

This is kind of a loaded question. A question that only you can answer. I’ll present the major differences between the two types of service -- giving you the full picture before you make any decisions. 

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