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Automated vs. Manual Marketing: What's the Difference Anyway?

Automated marketing has become somewhat of the more popular thing to do in the marketing industry as of late. And it is easy to see why. Automation can take the most tedious of tasks, like sending emails to your leads or prospects, that would normally take hours and have it done in minutes. It also allows marketers to conduct marketing processes and conversations across multiple channels, so that they are working smarter and not harder. Thinking woman in glasses looking up with light idea bulb above head isolated on gray wall background

Who wants to waste time and money by sending out individual emails or making ad hoc phone calls all day? Manual marketing is the way of the past. Gone are the days where you had to kill campaigns in order to re-enter contact information from a list of leads prior to starting a new campaign. You are now able to have a more permanent campaign due to the flow of data. With automation at the forefront of marketing, you now have instant access to reporting. This can showcase the effectiveness of both your marketing campaigns and the agents who are in charge of them. No more jumping through hoops in order to gather all of your data. Saving you time and effort spent on creating fancy spreadsheets and documents. Giving you more time to focus on assessment of the data and how you can achieve greater results the next time around. 

When handling phone campaigns, having your customer’s history at your fingertips is another key concept of automation. Instead of switching between various screens or programs in order to locate customer information, that information will instead populate on the call screen in real time. Call outcomes (dispositions) automatically send alerts to the proper recipients. This, coupled with displaying the customer information, makes the possibility of human error next to none, helping to create more efficient campaign runs.

Another great advantage of automation is that you are able to route leads directly to the CRM, saving you more time in the future when you decide to run a campaign. Manual marketing involves use of spreadsheets and other less efficient means of organizing customer information, which can take more time in the long run. 


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