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4 Ways Using an Automated Marketing Platform Can Save Your Business

Automated marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent as time wears on. Don’t get stuck in the past, manually sending emails and dialing phone numbers, automate those features so that you can save time and money and invest it in growing your business. Take a look at some ways that automation can save your business. 

  1. You have more time to focus on other more important things.

    Automation can increase your productivity and eliminate downtime. You are able to move through the motions faster than you would if all of your features were manually completed. For instance, you are able to rotate through phone campaigns at a higher volume with automated features such as auto dialers which serve up calls depending on the availability of agents.

    Also, having an overall simpler campaign set-up can decrease the amount of time spent on data re-entry. With a few clicks you instantly gain access to all of your reporting needs. Interested in finding out how a certain campaign is running? No problem, a few more clicks and you’ll be able to see a detailed breakdown of campaign analytics as well as how the agents tasked with that campaign are performing. This saves you time that you normally would’ve spent on compiling that information and then creating a spreadsheet in order to analyze the results.


  2. Campaigns are run more efficiently and with little to no human error.

    When things are done manually, there is always a possibility for human error. No one is perfect. Therefore, we can’t expect campaigns to run perfectly 100% of the time. However, with a more automated process, campaigns can run as close to perfect as humanly possible. As there is little to no work needed.

    The software performs most of the tasks save for dispositioning the call and any note-taking that was required. Alerts from those call outcomes are then sent automatically to the proper agent. Another key point to more efficient campaigns is that the customer information is displayed on the call screen so that the agent isn’t fumbling across multiple platforms or windows to track down information. Making the process smoother and easier to navigate.

  3. Marketers are able to communicate across multiple platforms.

    This can be done primarily through use of a CRM. These tools help marketers through the organization and storing of customer information. Another common feature of CRMs is that they allow the marketer to communicate with customers, leads, and prospects across multiple platforms such as social media and email. Automated emails can be scheduled ahead of time as can social posts.

  4. Money is saved, allowing you to invest more in the growth of your business. 

    No longer will you have to spend money on various platforms to manage customer data, reporting data, creation of campaigns and spreadsheets. All of the information you need can be accessed right at your fingertips. No extra money required, freeing up assets to be put elsewhere, like the growth of your business. 

    These are only a few of the possible ways that a more automated approach can help salvage your business. Automated features are a must in the modern world where everyone wants things done fast and efficient. However, there are of course errors that come with doing things faster. Eliminate those mistakes and automate your marketing processes so that you can free up time, resources and money to focus on more important aspects of your business. 

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