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3 Mentorship Opportunities for Women in the Automotive Industry

We spoke a little about women in the automotive industry and of the effect mentorships have on their success in our last article, Mentorships Empower Women in the Automotive Industry”. Mentorships are mutually beneficial for both the mentee and mentor. It provides the mentor with the opportunity to guide the mentee using their experience and knowledge. However, the mentee also brings a different perspective to the industry, exposing the mentor to an alternative view. 

Mentorships are vital for women within this industry because it gives them the opportunity to be heard and to feel like what they have to say and do is of importance. Successful completion of a mentorship program increases the likelihood of retention. Let’s take a look at a few of the mentorship opportunities that are available for women within the automotive industry. 

  1. AWAKE Mentorship Program: This Canadian based program aims to improve the image of women in automotive and to challenge existing gender stereotypes in a male dominated industry while providing guidance and support to those new to the industry. The primary goals are to encourage women and increase the number of women employed in the automotive industry. 
  2. AutoCare Association Mentorship Program: A program that focuses on gaining and developing new skills, offers mentoring opportunities to women for free. In 2020, the program partnered with eMentor Connect to provide the best mentor/mentee matches possible. 
  3. AWAF Mentorship Program: This program also offers scholarships for women who are seeking education and future employment in the automotive industry. However, it’s main purpose is to empower women and encourage them to consider future careers within automotive through their mentorship program. 

These programs are beneficial not only because they can increase the success and retention rate of women in the automotive industry, but also because they instill a sense of empowerment. They give women the opportunity to explore alternative careers, those that were historically male dominated. 

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