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Automotive's First Smart Power Dialer

Automotive communication software that gives you all the tools you need to profitably manage your BDC

Perfect for Dealers, BDC, Call Centers, and Vendors


  • Agent productivity guaranteed.
  • Ensure most important calls were made.
  • Better campaign effectiveness across calls, emails, and SMS messages.
  • Simplify your dealership-wide communication strategy. 

Which means more effective communication with your customers, guaranteed!

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Why Manage a BDC If You Don’t Have the Tools to Make it Profitable?

What gets measured, gets DONE. Volie is THE engine that powers your dealership, BDC, call center, or vendor to manage customer engagement.

Current State

Everything is done manually:

Desk phones
Dependent upon a key person
Forced to combine click to call with spreadsheets and printed papers
No ability to measure agent productivity or ensure all calls were made

With Volie's BDC in a Box

Everything is in one place and gives you the tools to:

      Make agents productive (up to 400 outbound calls/day)
      Call, email and SMS customers
        Manage all outbound communications across the entire dealership including DMS, CRM and Inbound leads
              Visibility into what has gotten done and what still needs to get done. 
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BDC in a Box: All the Tools You Need to Run Your Dealership


Increase Agent Productivity

Current BDC processes are manual and inefficient. Our system is a blended inbound/outbound system which allows you to track the agents' time. If your agent is only dialing outbound, the standard would be 300 dials per day and 85% productive time. 


Make Sure the Calls Get Made

You are able to see where every campaign is and if you are making those important calls for the dealership each month. 


Campaign Effectiveness

Manage the customer across all campaigns so you can make the right call, with the right agent, at the right time for all communication needs. Whether it be call, email, or SMS.

Volie is a Simplifier

No need for multiple vendors. Load all DMS, CRM, OEM spreadsheets, web leads and more into one platform. Contact your customers with a plan that fits the dealership's strategy. 

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Do one campaign with us and we're confident that you'll see how Volie can help your business. 

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We Know How Hard You're Working

Managing a BDC is hard work.

  • You are struggling with knowing whether your agents are being productive.

  • There is no insight as to whether your campaigns are being executed in an effective manner.

  • Your agents waste time on multiple vendor logins which can interfere with their productivity.

All of which is costing your dealership time and money. Eliminate the guesswork. You can have a profitable BDC by using Volie's BDC in a Box.


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Not managing your data means less contact with your customers. Volie is the answer.

For the first time, there is now an automotive software program that combines managing automotive data with call center software which will allow you the productivity and tracking you need to profitably run your BDC!

Running an automotive BDC is hard. Labor pressures were difficult before COVID, now they are brutal. In addition, most of the processes currently in place are manual and don’t give you the resources to improve and manage agent productivity while making sure you can have one strategy that works for the entire dealership. At $15/hr per agent per month plus bonuses/benefits and 22 work days each month, you’re spending about $2.50 per outbound dial. Unfortunately, current processes don’t help you track the time in between phone calls which kills productivity.

We Make it Easy to Get Started

Your dedicated account manager helps complete every step with you.
Volie sets up your store
Group (3)
Train agents on how to use Volie while also training managers how to manage
Work with a dedicated account manager to learn Volie and start dialing to grow your business
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“The results speak for themselves. We're able to offer more for our clients while saving us a lot of time.”

- Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

“The white glove service you provide is awesome. This has been by far the best software onboarding we’ve been through.”

- Jason from Charlotte, NC

“Because of campaign automation, we were able to move one full time person off of campaign management, and now she is our number 1 sales performer. I don’t think it is possible to 100% eliminate campaign set up, but it is very close when using Volie.”

- Kelly from Surrey, BC Canada

“The agents have everything at their fingertips. And that really makes a big difference.”

- John from Austin, TX

“The people at Volie are very flexible and willing to think outside the box. They have a ton of experience in the auto industry and in data.”

- Chip from St Augustine, FL

“I can always get someone on the phone to help me, compared to other systems where it was never the same person each time I called and I had to take time to explain what we do.”

- Patty from Fort Lauderdale, FL